Organic. Diverse. Delicious.

We work with organic side dishes and organic products, giving kids and teens healthy and environmentally friendly meals. Furthermore we provide menus partially made from up to 100% ecologically grown products, which are specially identified in the meal plan.

BIOLOGISCH by Optimahl

BIOLOGISCH (organic) keeps abreast of the newest findings in nutritional science and is geared to the quality standards of the German Society of Nutrition (DGE). We create a new meal plan every month to keep things varied – so there are no repeats for at least 4 weeks. Every day you can choose from two warm dishes: menu 1 has a meat or fish dish, menu 2 is vegetarian. Additionally to that, we always provide alternatives to pork and beef.

Our dishes contain a good amount of cereal produce, potatoes, dairy produce, predominantly lean meat and saltwater fish from a sustainable fishery (MSC) once a week. Crudités and salads are a regular part of our menus, and you can even order healthy desserts.

For children with food intolerances, such as lactose, lactoprotein and celiac disease, we cook separate specially prepared antiallergenic menus.

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Meal Plan March
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Jürgen Grabmer
Project management Nursery and School Meals
Tel.: 030 755419-816
Mobile: 0172 789 97 24

Maren Runge
Administration Nursery and School Meals
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Mobile: 0174 922 66 02


When Christian, the best friend of children’s bunny Kikaninchen, and city caterer Mirko Mann dedicate themselves to children, we can only expect the best.

leckerlogisch. is their initiative for more wholesome fun with food for kids.