White label by Optimahl

Since 1994 we have been providing quality to our customers at any time of day and any place. This way we can keep in line with the demands for individually developed food concepts and components, supplying them to retailers in the form of high-quality pre-prepared ingredients, exactly according to the recipe

Whether soups or toppings, side dishes or full menus, we delivery to numerous retailers. With much handicraft we produce foodstuffs from around the whole world, precisely according to the customer’s wishes. We have an increasing focus on local as well as organic produce.

The care taken when producing the foods and the attention to detail, paired with the experience of the executive chef, make sure that our customers can serve their guests a very appealingly hand crafted product.


Against the backdrop of the challenges of gastronomy it is foremost important to find new approaches. Labour shortage and increased labour costs can be set off by supplying through White Label. Due to our size and technical set up we can produce cost-effectively and offer qualitatively high quality products for further sale.

With White Label by Optimahl we can help you to meet the demands of your customers carefully and to high standards.

Upon request we can develop your very own product label for you. We can offer advice on packaging options and legal rules for mandatory labelling (allergens, nutritional table, MHB, barcodes).

Our White label customers remain unrecognized.



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