Home is not just a feeling,
but most of all, a taste.

We are always on the look out for the best products. Germany is full of culinary treasures. We have taken it upon ourselves to discover these for you. Old varieties of apples, abstract chocolate flavours or traditional butchers’ products. Even our juices are pressed by a small family business in Upper Lusatia, with great love for natural products.


Everyone talks about sustainability, Optimahl lives it. It is very important to us to use regional and seasonal products. Heimatmahl is a catering concept, where we have put together a menu using only local ingredients from the Berlin and Brandenburg region, products, that mean home to us- no further than a day trip away.

Wherever we cook for you, we can buy directly from the best farmers and producers. The principal of Heimatmahl (tastes from home) can be used for any event: regional producers, seasonal products, without exotic seasoning and ingredients.