Our claim


Optimahl has been EU- certified since the end of 2011 (DE-BE-20119-EG). The standards for EU-certification are very high. The strict requirements are based on the standards of the HACCP concept. These, along with other aspects of the certification ensure more safety.

Optima(h)l certified


We have also been organic certified since 2015. The certificate is awarded according to article 29 paragraph 1 or regulation (EG) Nr. 834/2007 and regulation  (EG) Nr. 889/2008. All requirements were fully met.


The Food Information Regulation (LMIV) has been in effect in all EU member states since 13 December 2014. The regulation ensures, that producers Europe wide have unified and clear labelling standards and that consumers are thoroughly informed when purchasing the products. Here, alongside nutritional information, labelling requirements for allergies are an important focus.

Working together with (sworn) experts of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Berlin and the senate department for justice and consumer protection, we combine our skills to implement these standards. This is of immense importance, especially for our clients in the retail sector.


The OctoPlus-Method, which we developed ourselves, synchronises operating cycles and guarantees our clients absolute safety for ecologically sustainable events.

Climate change is a concern for us all. That’s why we have a policy for responsible, aware and efficient use of necessary resources for sustainable business.

You can expect natural and healthy catering, chiefly created from regional and seasonal products and well controlled international specialities.

Our EU Certificate DE BE-20119 EG. The standards for EU approval are high. The strict requirements are based on the standards of the HACCP concept. These, along with other aspects of the certification ensure more safety.

More and more of our clients are taking the opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of their event. By working together with experienced climate protection organisations, the resulting carbon emissions can be offset with a climate protection certificate.

Our kitchen, dishwashing lines and warehouse logistics, as well as our transportation vehicles use the latest state of the art technology. With these technical specifications we can guarantee effective running operations and efficient energy use.

Our delivery team are long-standing, reliable and trustworthy associates, who meet our requirements and therefore adhere to the same standard – for sustainable and responsible business.

Since 1994 Optimahl has been expanding its resources accordingly, so that we can provide all necessary services for ambitious events in-house. With our own logistics we also achieve shorter and more effective transport and delivery routes.

In our manufactory we work with large equipment that has energy recovery. The heat loss from the cooler device is channelled into the heating system. And further still, we are planning to install solar panels so we can use more renewable energy.