Fairytale: Our new winter ice cream parlour

Optimahl Ice Cream Parlor – Winter Edition 2019

Our allowance was spent on it as a child and even today we can’t get enough of it. Ice cream always works. In summer and in winter. Our ice cream parlor has truly established itself as a permanent institution in our catering world.

This winter it will be fairytale in our ice cream parlor. As soon as it’s cold outside and the fireplace flickers, the white snow lies on the green fir branches and the snowflakes knock on the window, then it’s time for a break. Our Winter Edition 2019/20 Optimahl Ice Cream Parlor whisks you into the fairytale world of the Brothers Grimm. Simply a dream!


Snow White – Winter Apple / Rosemary / Spekulatius
The sweet porridge – Semolina Porridge / Apple Puree / Cinnamon
Brothers and Sisters – Honey / Caramel / Elderberry
The Nutcracker – Roasted Almond / Walnut / Marzipan
The Star Talers- Butter Biscuit / Gold Dust
The Brave Little Tailor – Plum Puree / Sour Cream
Mother Holle – Calvados | Winter Apple | Cranberry | Honey Bread
Snow White and Rose Red – Sour Cream / Rose Water / Cherry
Hansel and Gretel – Gingerbread / Dark Chocolate
Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella – Hazelnut / Nougat / Caramel / Berliner Brot (Spice Traybake)